About us

Hanly Quarries Limited is part of a large group that employs in excess of 350 people. We are continually focused on product perfection through re-investment in plant, machinery and modern standards for productions for all grades of aggregate, concrete, blocks and materials. We have a large fleet in excess of 40 trucks for the efficient and prompt delivery of materials to our customers and locations within our region.

We produce the following products at our quarry: –

  • All grades of limestone for roadmaking and construction purposes.
  • Specialist High PSV washed stones used for surface dressing and roadmaking by local authorities and others.
  • A full range of concrete comprising all grades and strengths.
  • A full range of concrete blocks for the construction of houses.
  • 98.8% TNV ground limestone known as Gro-lime for use in the agricultural sector.
  • Structural Steel – CE Marked – for all construction purposes.
  • A full compliment of excavators (15 no.).
  • Dumpers, Teleporters, Rollers and a full suite of plant available for plant hire with or without drivers.
  • Roadmaking equipment comprising road pavers, rollers and GPS based road realignment and setting out of same.
  • The design, build and construction to client’s specifications of housing, industrial warehousing, office and commercial projects.

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