The company has an extensive fleet of trucks thus ensuring a consistent credible service to our customers. The fleet comprises:

Tipping Trucks
Artic Tipping Trucks 
Block Lorries 
Concrete Lorries 
Road Approved Volvo Dumpers & Quarry Dumpers

Muck Away

The company provides a Muck Away service and has done so for many clients to include but not least Ward & Burke and Irish Water. This Muck Away service includes the delivery of aggregates, the collection of excavated sub-soil and the removal and deposit of same at our quarry where we hold the relevant licences. […] Read more …

Muck Shifting

The company possesses an array of muck shifting vehicles including 2 no. trailers   (a) Trailer 1: A Noote Boom 4 axle all hydraulic steering low loader. This loader has 16 wheels and 4 axles all of which turn hydraulically. We have brought to date 85 tonne Hitachi machines in addition to a 90 tonne […] Read more …

Machine Shifting

The company possesses a wide and varied selection of Machine Shifting equipment including low loaders and has the ability to move machines from the basic 5 tonne weight up to the complex and specialist weights of 80 tonnes to 100 tonnes.   Hanly Quarries operates 3 low loaders comprising the following: a) Large low loader. […] Read more …