Aggregates were first quarried by local authorities from the deposit located at Laragan, Elphin, Co. Roscommon in the early 1940’s. Today the quarry has grown to be the supplier of choice to all local authorities of the surrounding region.
The deposit is a particularly clean homogenous limestone and is particularly suited for the production and manufacture of road making materials comprising the full spectrum and grades of aggregates.
The crushing plant is one of the most modern in the industry and comprises a unique set of secondary and tertiary processes that produce very consistent clean road making materials.

General Rock Filling

A graded material, average stone size 300mm for use in bulk filling applications where depths in excess of 500mm are required to make up levels over low lying ground. Typical applications would be access roads into sites, formation of yards, making up levels around new buildings.


Hanly Quarries Limited currently supply ground limestone to the agricultural sector up to a distance of 100 mile radius of the quarry. We have been and are the main suppliers in the northwest and midlands of ground limestone for the last 40 years. Our lime manufacturing process delivers consistent high quality ground limestone and is […] Read more …