The strategic mix of high quality pure limestone in conjunction with uniquely and well designed crushing systems produce exceptionally high quality road making materials. These extend over aggregates, macadam bases and wearing courses to include specialist high PSV stone.


The company has recently invested in a new macadam and asphalt plant. This computer controlled automated plant produces all specifications and grades of tarmacadam Quality controlled macadam is copper fastened by the availability of quality aggregates within the same production facility. These aggregates are produced by Hanly Quarries Limited and having been processed through our […] Read more …


The company produces all grades of asphalt which is manufactured in our new macadam and asphalt plant.

Clause 810

The company produces a specific blend of aggregates which are mixed to a specific blend and saturated to a particular moisture content, the manifestation of which produces a concrete-like aggregate when laid with a road paver and then rolled.

Clause 804

The company’s Clause 804 is a finely balance blend of sieved limestone that binds particularly well and is a material of choice for many in the road making industry.


The company produces Clause 616 which comprises an excellent sub base material.

High Polished Stone Value (PSV) Surface Dressing

Polished Stone Value or PSV as it is commonly known is a test used to calculate the hardness of stone. Hard stone is required by law with local authorities to be placed on roads to improve stopping distances of traffic where the wearing of the surface dressed aggregates becomes retarded. Hanly Quarries Limited has recently […] Read more …