Concrete Tank Construction

concrete-tank-construction-4The company has a wealth of forty years’ experience in the construction of reinforced concrete tanks. Great care must be taken in the construction of same to ensure that structural cracks will not incur from the build- up of water pressure either under the floors or on the walls.

The company, through its Engineers, will set up the correct levels and with its in-house plant hire department excavate for the tank to the required levels with the subsequent placement of hard core. This is followed by the tying and placement of re enforcement steel, the pouring of concrete in the floor, the erection of shuttering and the placement of concrete in same to derive the finished tank.

The company installs slats produced by others and constructs any additional bearing foundations required for the building prior to then back-filling of the constructed reinforced concrete tanks. The company constructs tanks of all shapes and sizes comprising those with suspended passages with the inclusion of concrete beams both cast and situ and precast and is flexible in its approach in terms of design, implementation and finish.

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