Floor Screed

Hanly Quarries Floor Screed is a pump applied flowing liquid screed that provides a quick, smooth and level surface with minimal levelling which can be laid 10 times faster than traditional sand and cement screed. Thus giving the contractor substantial time and labour savings.



Domestic, commercial and industrial floors, educational and public building projects and for use with under floor heating systems it is a cost effective user friendly screed option.


Key benefits and characteristics:

• Cement Screed gives increased productivity – 2000m2/ day can be easily achieved
• Sand Cement Screed mix provides very low shrinkage, with minimal risk of cracking
• Movement joint requirements greatly reduced in liquid concrete screed flooring
• Concrete Screed can be walked on 24 hours after application
• Significantly reduced thickness when compared to traditional sand:cement screeds
• Reduced depth means reduced weight and drying times
• Self levelling concrete Floor Screed Increases efficiency of underfloor heating system


Technical Specification:

• I.S. EN 206:2013 – Concrete: Specification, performance, production and conformity.
• Compliant with I.S. EN 13813 and I.S. EN 206:2013.
• Project Specific Specifications
• Technical advice available


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