Muck Shifting

The company possesses an array of muck shifting vehicles including 2 no. trailers


(a) Trailer 1: A Noote Boom 4 axle all hydraulic steering low loader. This loader has 16 wheels and 4 axles all of which turn hydraulically. We have brought to date 85 tonne Hitachi machines in addition to a 90 tonne specialist impactor crusher. The pay load of this trailer is 113.2 tonnes.

(b) Trailer 2: The company possesses an ARB 16 wheel 50 tonne low loader. This loader comprises 4 axles, 1 no. axle steers hydraulically and 1 no. axle can be lifted. The ARB is a 75 tonne gross 4 axle step from plant and machinery trailer. The following are aspects of the trailer:

1) 75 tonne gross tonnage weight 
2) Air suspension with raise and lower facilities 
3) Power operated hydraulic 2.5 meter rams at push button control 
4) Lift axle 
5) ABS braking 
6) Self-tracking / turning rear axle.

The company has an array of large Finan tipping trailers in addition for 2 no. cement tankers. The above is mainly in place to facilitate the activities of Hanly Quarries and its group construction entities, the services available to others for hire also.