Quarry Dust

3mm down material. Used for bedding pipes and cables. Can also be used below flagstones. Surfacing of pedestrian paths. The maximum material thickness 25mm.

19mm Blinding

A 19mm stone graded to dust. Making up levels on existing or new hardcore to a maximum thickness of 50mm. Can be used as temporary or final surface on top of crusher run for yards, paths, roads and lanes.

38mm Blinding / Crusher Run

A 38mm stone graded to dust. Typical uses – making up levels on existing ground or on new hardcore to a maximum thickness of 75mm, finishing surface on yards, site roads and farm lanes.

63mm Crusher Run

63mm stone graded to dust. Typical uses – road and yard construction. Can be used to a minimum depth of 70mm ideal for resurfacing existing yards, making up levels beneath sub floors and topping off on coarse filling.

100mm Spalls

Single sized 100mm stones. Ideal for construction of access roads and hard standings, where drainage is a requirement in the construction of the road.

100mm Crusher Run

100mm graded to dust Premium grade product for construction of roads, carparks and hard standings where depths in excess of 150mm are required.

100mm Filling

A low cost material to be used where depths in excess of 150mm are required. Typical applications would be access roads into building sites, floor filling into houses, farm roads – ideal where conditions are dry underfoot.

150 – 2500mm Gabion Stones

Selected clean stone for use in gabion cages in retaining wall construction and hand placing in river revetments and embankments.

General Rock Filling

A graded material, average stone size 300mm for use in bulk filling applications where depths in excess of 500mm are required to make up levels over low lying ground. Typical applications would be access roads into sites, formation of yards, making up levels around new buildings.

Slatted Sheds

The company has produced in excess of 300 slatted sheds of all shapes, design and sizes. The company will work to plans provided and supply and erect fully galvanized farm buildings. Services include the following: 1. Supply and erect galvanized steel. 2. Supply and clad building to include central ventilation canopy. 3. Supply and install […] Read more …

Concrete Tank Construction

The company has a wealth of forty years’ experience in the construction of reinforced concrete tanks. Great care must be taken in the construction of same to ensure that structural cracks will not incur from the build- up of water pressure either under the floors or on the walls. The company, through its Engineers, will […] Read more …

Jetty Manufacture & Installation

The company has designed, implemented, manufactured and put in place marinas along various locations on the River Shannon. The company has carried out the following: 1. Pile driving for floating jetties. 2. The manufacture of fixed jetties in areas of reduced contrasting water in summer levels. 3. Floating jetties where same are fixed by moving […] Read more …

Marina Construction

In this the company focuses on steel and has designed and manufactured steel tanks which are put together in pre-manufactured steel frames. All this work is galvanized and is cladded on the surface with timber decking.


Either through our sister company, ASE Design Consultants, our clients and other architects, the Group possesses expertise in the execution of cladding and various types of cladding to buildings. The company has used and has put in place the following: (a) Cut stone cladding to buildings (b) Reconstituted cladding (c) Architectural Panels, Kingspan and others […] Read more …

Marina Excavation

 The excavation for marina outlets is specialist work as in many cases one is dealing with alluvial soils which are unstable and difficult to manage. The company has perfected a number of methods in the excavation of marinas which involve many of the following: 1. Excavation by way of as constructed roadway out on to […] Read more …

Water Attenuation Tank Design

The company, through its design company, ASE Design Consultants have put in place various water attenuation solutions. Solutions have comprised of: 1. Underground expansion cells. 2. Reinforced concrete tanks 3. Establishment of levels in car parks and marshalling areas to allow for the flooding of same and the holding of water in the event of […] Read more …

Kerbing & Roadways

The company has implemented over the last twenty years a wide and varied selection and implementation of paving using stone, reconstituted concrete materials, patterned concrete and macadam. Many of these products we use in different instances and circumstances producing a well finished end product.  

Sewer Laying

As part of a site development operation the company possesses the personnel to supply and lay sewers comprising foul, storm, water mains and all electrical and telecommunications ducting. The company will design and construct manholes of all shapes and sizes including large drop manholes to ensure the requisite ingredients.