Readymix Concrete

Hanly Quarries state of the art concrete batching plant is capable of producing over 100m3/hr of the highest quality readymixed concrete to our client’s specific requirements. We have been manufacturing and supplying readymixed concrete for the last 30 years with quality aggregates from our limestone quarry with a service to meet our customer’s very requirement. Hanly Quarries regards customer satisfaction as its main goal backed by a Quality Assurance Policy that meets the highest European Standards. Our readymixed concrete complies with I.S. EN 206:2013– Concrete: Specification, performance, production & conformity including the NRA Specification for Road Works, Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine and is manufactured with the highest quality limestone aggregates complying with EN 12620.


We supply a vast range of readymixed concrete mixes with compressive strengths from C8/10 to C80/100 and is available in either 20mm, 14mm or 10mm aggregate sizes with various consistency classes from S1 to S5 using combinations of cement, aggregates, sand, water and admixtures tailored to suit our client’s needs. With the addition of various admixtures we can manufacture various designed mixes from high slump workable concrete to give ease of pouring therefore cost effective for our clients without compromising the strength by adding extra water. Other materials can also be incorporated into specific mixes such as fibres, pigment and air entrainment to add improved performance and other characteristics to the concrete.


Hanly Quarries is very environmentally aware therefore provide Low Carbon Concrete to fight against global warming and climate change. With the use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) incorporated into specific mixes we can provide a long lasting durable strong concrete used in Low Carbon Eco Friendly Projects.


Various Available Mixes:

• Foundation Concrete
• Home & DIY Concrete
• Floor Screed Concrete
• Low Carbon Eco Friendly Concrete
• Pump Concrete
• Farm Agri Concrete
• Civil Works Concrete
• Watertight Concrete
• Slipform Concrete
• Fibre Reinforced Concrete
• Coloured Concrete


Key benefits and Protective characteristics:

• Available in a range of strengths to suit all exposures and applications
• Long lasting strong durable concrete
• Highest quality material locally sourced
• Various ranges of mixes available to suit client’s requirements
• Large pours can be accommodated
• Quality delivery service
• Mix design and technical advice available
• Available in a range of colours


Summary of Uses:

• Infrastructure: Bridges, Roads, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Agriculture: Slatted Tanks, Milking Parlours, Silage Yards
• Domestic: Home & DIY, New Builds to Renovations
• Industrial & Commercial: High Strength Durable Walls & Floors.


Technical Specification:

• I.S. EN 206:2013 – Concrete: Specification, performance, production and conformity.
• NRA Specification for Road Works: Series 800 & 1700
• Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine
• Project Specific Specifications
• Technical advice available  


Click here to see Exposure Classes Tables for Composition and Properties of Concrete